The 18th Century Me!

The 18th Century Club on deviantART has arranged a contest with the theme “the 18th century me”. Of course I had to enter! ;D Too bad my dress is no where near ready, hehe ^^; Instead I painted a portrait, based on a photo of me in my wig, in aquarelles (watercolors). I wanted to paint me in my future dress, but I’m too bad at details, hehe XD

18th century me

Go here to see a bigger version!


5 Responses to “The 18th Century Me!”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Oh good luck!!! Love the portrait! I should have you do one of me!

    • Maria Says:

      You know what? Maybe you should! =D I don’t have a job this summer so I really need to make money… Would you still consider it if I charged you a small sum? =)

  2. Madame Berg Says:

    So very delicate, you have a great talent, lucky you!

  3. Lucy Says:

    it’s very good.

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