So today me and my very good friend Malin (who is interested in millinery and might help me with hats in the future ;D) took a loooong 2 h walk to a fishing store. Her bf told us they might have silk floss. I looked them up on the net and in their web shop they had Lagartun silk floss! Jays! But of course they had none in at the store!!! Oh well, I guess I’ll order online!

Lagartun French Silk Floss

This weekend I also got the spring steel for the pocket hoops cut (since the cutters we had at home weren’t strong enough), I’ve only got like two of the three tunnels left to sew on one of the hoops – well after tonight I will. =) The other hoop is still quite unfinished, but I’ve taken my last exam for this term so I’ve kinda got summer break now! =D Yes I’ve taken pictures, but it’s really not much to see right now, hehe.
   Next assignment: buying piking scissors (I can’t believe myself I haven’t got a pair already).

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2 Responses to “Hunt!”

  1. Rachel Fricker Says:

    I had to order in some silk… I need more! I never thought of fly fishing silk, I will have to look into that!

    I started making some of the fring, its takes a while but it looks really neat when you get some done 🙂

    Off to finish more of the stays I’m making


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