Flat silk floss in Sweden?

I’ve been thinking more organized thoughts about the decoration of my pet-en-l’air and I’m really curious about that fly fringe! The only problem is: Where the heck do I get hold of that flat silk floss stuff in Sweden – and what is it called in Swedish? The boutiques in town seem to have nothing like it… =( I’ve been searching the net – but it’s hard when you don’t know the Swedish name.) I wanted to try and avoid ordering from outside the country – but maybe I’ll have to…

silk floss

I have stubmbled upon a floss that might be an alternative. You know fly fishing? Well they mostly bind their own flies and use a kind of floss for that. Via a Swedish site I found a floss called Danville Rayon Floss – you think I can use that? In that case I’ve also found the stuff on a Swedish auction site! =D Wait, as I’m writing this I’m finding more stuff – Pearsall’s silk floss – that seems to be used both for fly binding and embroidery, huh! (Apparently not in Sweden though, hehe…) Hmmm, maybe I can just go to a fishing store and see what they have… =D

Rayon Floss


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6 Responses to “Flat silk floss in Sweden?”

  1. Swillvill Says:

    I bet it will work perfectly for fly fringe! So you’ve actually know how to do fly fringe? Awesome!

  2. Vivien Says:

    You know I ended up getting some of my silks from a fly fishing shop too!

    I had some rayon from a sewing shop that worked pretty well, but the knots weren’t as tight as with the silk. It did work though. I keep meaning to try some other rayons since it’s so much less expensive than silk. You’ll have to let up know how this one works out!

    • Maria Says:

      Oh you did!? Good to know I’m on the right track then! =D I’ve been thinking about the quality of the rayon vs the silk too and if the knots would hold at all, since I’m on a small budget, hehe ^^; Thank you!!! =D

  3. Vivien Says:

    I was adding a new 18th century tag to my blog when I found this photo I had taken of some rayon fly fringe I had made… http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y53/xvunderx/practice-knots.jpg you can kinda see how the knots are bigger than you get with the same amount of silk, and the tufts a little less puffy, but the over all effect isn’t that bad. Thought it might be helpful in your quest!

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