War and peace

Just a quick note that SVT has done it again! Right now they’re airing Tolstoj’s War and peace in a 4 part miniseries, I’m watching it @ SVT Play though. It’s extremely silly, not even in a good way – but I want to see how it turns out! ^^ It starts in 1805, but I guess there’s a lot of costume drama fans out there, so…

(Wow, this blog turned out not just being about the project, hehe ^^;)

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2 Responses to “War and peace”

  1. Madame Berg Says:

    Is it bad? Oh, I had hoped for a version of W&P that didn’t make me fall asleep (the 60’s version) or made me vomit with regards to the costumes (the 50’s version with Audrey Hepburn…. and to some degree the 60’s version as well…). If only my internet connection was a little less sucky I’d try and watch it online.

    • Maria Says:

      I can’t say the acting is very good – it kinda grows on you though, and I don’t know the ending so I’m eager to see how it turns out. As for the costumes I was a little sceptic in the beginning (when I saw a jacket that looked very baggy) – but It’s nothing that disturbs me, but I’m not too familiar with early 19th century clothing so…

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