On thursday me and Robbie celebrated 4 years together, we don’t make a very big deal of it, so we had nothing planned. ^^; We spent the day cleaning out some more of his grandmother’s stuff instead. By lunch all the tables in my parents-in-law’s house were filled with porcelain and glass! We were starved but no one had the strength to clean up the tables and cook food – so we went to Askersund to eat.
   After lunch we went to a café for some tea (love a cup of tea after a big meal!). The café Kristina took us to was called Café Tutingen and apparently at least the house has been around since 1784. It was so darn cute I didn’t know what to do with myself; they had furnished the place with second hand chairs and tables of 18th century style, probably newer versions and reproduced stuff – but it still was awesome! =D


Café Tutingen, Askersund, Anno 1784

On another matter I have spent this weekend sorting trough my favourites on my jewellry account on deviantART, they do collections now so I had to set up some. Of course I had to have an 18th century related category! It’s called 18th century in interest and it’s a pretty wide collection I guess, I’ve filled it with stuff I think people interested in 18th century fashion might like, hehe ^^; So go see if you’d like some inspiration!
   I’ve also set up a collection called NOMS – I think it’s safe to say that many of you, my fellow rococophiles, might like that one too – i’t filled with cake and pastry related stuff! ;D
   Oh, and this is just jewellry and other artisan stuff…

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