Guess what!?

Guess what!?

The stays are basicly DONE!!! I’m not kidding! They’re totally wearable! The only thing missing is the shoulder straps and a few decorative details.
   And YES! I will take pictures – as soon as my “better” half stops teasing me about the cute curl of the tabs and start helping me with the lacing!
   Next step: pocket hoops or shifts. It all depends on what I can find material for first. I have a light brown (ya, it’s really a horrible color) cotton fabric to use for the pocket hoops, but I don’t know what to use as boning… Any suggestions? Has anyone used anything but usual corset boning? Anything cheap? As for the shifts I have to find a good fabric, I thought I saw something I could use in town, but I don’t remember the price and I really have to be cheap right now… =/

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5 Responses to “Guess what!?”

  1. Johanna Says:

    I used regular thick metal wire for my pocket hoops actually. It has worked great so far.

    • Maria Says:

      Really? It’s that simple? Like “vajer” or “ståltråd”? What size did you use?

      • Johanna Says:

        I don’t remember exactly but it was probably something like 4 mm thick. It can bend out of shape if someone leans on you though, something I learned while riding the subway while wearing pocket hoops 😛

  2. Berg Says:

    Congratulations on the finished project! I bet it feels really rewarding (as it should!)

    As for support for the hoops, I agree with Johanna (corset boning is too weak – I tried and failed). I used this kind of steel bars (“gängad stav” I think it was called) that I found at Claes Ohlsson but you could probably find something better, stronger and cheaper at one of those big hardware stores if you’re lucky enough to live near one.

    • Maria Says:

      Steel bars? Gängad stav? Gosh, that sounds reeeeely heavy and… Stiff… Shouldn’t it be bendable and a little flexible? Or is it? o.O

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