Wait… and ye shall… recieve…

Eeeehrm… Yeah…

So I’ve finally uploaded the pics of the stays to my computer, maybe now you can stop nagging?! ;P Before you look at the pics and start wondering about the total wierdness of it I’ll explain:
   When I first started to explore historical corsets I came across a technique for elizabethan stays that included hemp cord boning. When I was going to make my own I felt the hemp cord I found was a liiiiiittle bit too soft for keeping my somewhat heavy rack at bay. I figured: why not use plastic cord commonly used as clothesline (I had found a pretty stirdy cord)? It was super cheap and it worked so well that I ended up using it as boning in all corsets and stays I made:

corded pvc


This is also what I used this time! The only problem is that the cord I bought this time was rolled into a reel and not an oblong thing as the cord I used for the more modern stays in the top picture. Here’s a close up on the cord (It’s not hollow, it just looks like it, it’s just got a softer core):


The fact that it was on reel and shaped thereafter made my current stays in progress curl up like this:

stays 1

stays 2

Ya, that’s what happens when you’re CHEAP! XD I’m thinking that the only part that will curl up when I’m actually wearing it is the tabs and mainly the big front wedge tab. If that is disturbing I might be able to heat it straight since it’s plastic, maybe with steam…
   The good thing though is that it’s reeeeally stirdy and great and it’ll do it’s job when worn! =D
   Right now I’ve gotten a little further than the pics show, I’ve finished the bottom bias tape and evened out the cord sticking out at the top. Now I just have to find the time to finish the top. I’m going to Sundsvall and Härnösand for school again on sunday… I might bring the stays with me on the train if I don’t find it too ungainly to work with, with passengers sitting next to me and stuff, hehe… XD

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3 Responses to “Wait… and ye shall… recieve…”

  1. mysterycreature1 Says:

    My god, what an amazing talent. I quite happily chop and change my clothes… but that is soooo basic compared to what you are doing!

  2. Cecilia Larsson Says:

    Vad exakt är det för plast stänger du använt och skär dom inte sönder tyget inuti? jag försöker komma på vad för material jag ska använda när jag ska göra en liknande korsett fjäderstål kommer ju att göra det för tungt.

    Väldigt bra blog och bra tips du ger 🙂

    • Fuchsia Says:

      Ledsen för så sent svar! =S

      Det är hård tvättlina av plast, jag hittade det på ICA eller Clas Ohlson, den måste dock vara riktigt hård. Än så länge har den inte skurit sönder något, jag försökte förfindra detta genom att klippa till ändarna så att de blev lite rundade. ^^

      Tack så mycket! =D

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