So yeah… My wonderful other half Robbie got the great idea to go buy some new book shelves this weekend, so we spent the weekend putting them together and filling them with stuff. Ergo not so much done on the stays… XD The good news are that I haven’t lost my productivity, the closer I get to getting the stays done, the more motivated I get! =D Last night and this afternoon I’ve almost finished the bias tape at the bottom (probably will finish it tonight), yaaays! =D And that’s the tricky part with all the tabs! Tho top is the easy part! ;D
   I’ve been thinking on the outer texture of the stays. I have a strong suspicion that the stripy boning texture will show through outer layers of robes and pet-en-l’airs and such… I know it sometimes was custom to use an outer layer of fabric to cover that, I’ve just never thought of that – until now… =/ I think I might make an outer layer of a more fancy fabric, one that’s really easy to change. I’ve found so many great fabrics with this shabby chic trend that’s going on, but I don’t know if I could afford to buy the quantities of a robe, half a meter for the stays might be affordable though! 😉

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5 Responses to “Yeah…”

  1. Ingrid Mida Says:

    Have you charged up your camera batteries yet? A photo would be divine!

  2. brocadegoddess Says:

    Oh man do I know the pain and suffering of binding the bottom of a pair of stays! Tabs + leather binding + hand sewing = Hell! I think I actually cried over that part. And came up with the theory that women were less involved in staymaking than men not because of attitudes towards gender divisions of labour, but because they had more sense!

  3. Chole Says:

    If it helps, I’ve never had the boning “show through” any of the outer garments. In fact I can’t think of anyone I know ever having that problem either. Or course if you *want* to add a fashion layer that’s fine, but it’s not necessary.

    Binding the fingers is a pain but not too bad. It’s all those darned eyelets that I detest!


    • Maria Says:

      Really? I’m using a material that’s round to the shape (I’ll blog about it later), it’s not as flat as the usual and common materials, it makes the boning stand out a bit more so to speak, but the robe should be so stretched over the stays that you can’t see it that much… Thanks for sharing your experience! =D

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