Another Award – WOW!!!

Another quickie to announce that I have recieved yet another award! *FAINT* This I was so kindly given from Swillvill at Swillvill’s 18th Century and it’s originating from a blog I’ve been following for just a short while – Tempus Fugit.


And these are the criteria:

The TEMPUS FUGIT Award is given to writers & living historians whose journals represent the best aspects of the 18th Century. These writers aim to inform and entertain the public with tales from events, historic research & experiments and highlights from 18th Century arts and culture. It is the hope of TEMPUS FUGIT that this award will forge a web of friendship and knowledge that will aid in creating a tight community of reenactors and living historians on the internet and beyond. Winners of the TEMPUS FUGIT Award should pass this award along to six other 18th Century blogs that meet the above criteria, and include this text with the Award, as well as a link back to the TEMPUS FUGIT blog.

Gosh, I’m so honoured! Unfortunatley I don’t know how many reenactors I can find that haven’t already gotten the award… =/ But I’ll give it a try! =D

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6 Responses to “Another Award – WOW!!!”

  1. brocadegoddess Says:

    Hey, thanks so much for the awarn nominations! I’ve never received any before though, so I don’t really know what to do. Do I just copy and paste it, or is there something special one does?

    Thanks again!

    p.s. I should show you a pic of one of my just regular 18th century costumes I made yeeeears ago – it would match perfectly with your wig and the make-up job!

  2. brocadegoddess Says:

    D’oh! *award* I do actually know how to spell, lol.

  3. The Doctor Says:

    ME? You nominated me for my own award? You are a delight madame!

  4. Berg Says:

    Thank you sweet Fuchsia! You totally deserve one of these as I hope you know. BLOG MOAR!

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