Cuffs on my mind

Who was I trying to fool? How did I ever come to the conclusion that there probably wouldn’t be much blogging for a couple of weeks?
   I had some errands downtown today and thought I might aswell go to the neelde crafts shop and see if they had some stuff I needed. First off I had to buy a new embroidery frame/embroidery hoop(?). But I was also on the hunt for a really thin white cotton fabric…
   See I have been thinking about cuffs/engageantes (difference?), the white cuffs that go under those attached to the sleeves. I’ve seen a lot of cuffs in pretty straight forward laces. But I’ve also seen them in thin cotton fabric with white embroidery (whitework embroidery). I don’t know why, I’ve just allways thought those net-ish laces felt a bit hard and sharp on they eye, the cotton embroided ones feel softer some how, hehe. ^^; And since I don’t know and don’t want to bother learning how to make pillow lace and tatting and such, and since I’m cheap – I would have to go buy some mass produced lace that doesn’t look very good. Instead I said to myself: why not stick to something I know something about – like embroidery?
   So anywhoo, I’m guessing some of you are wondering what I’m thinking, so here’s an example of what I have in mind:


These are a pair of engageantes from LACMA, silk embroidery on cotton. LACMA has some great examples of these kinds of engageantes btw.
   The shop where I bought the frame didn’t have what I wanted though so I went to my usual “secret” strawberry spot – Myrorna; a big Swedish chain of second hand stores where the profit goes to people in need. I had a look at the corner with curtains, table cloths and sheats and stuff, but found nothing. Then I came to think of blouses, the spring/cummer “collection” was up and there was a lot of thin clothing. I found exactly what I wanted in the “big sizes seciton”!!! A tunic of a really thin cotton fabric, plus it was really big, hehe. ;P So yeah, that’s what I’ll be using for the engageantes (or what ever they’re called). =D


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11 Responses to “Cuffs on my mind”

  1. Lucy Says:

    What a great idea! You’re so creative and resourcefull too;)

  2. Berg Says:

    Embroidered tulle made from i.e. cotton also gives a nice, if more sheer, look 🙂 Maybe not so easy to work with, though (not that I’ve tried. A 5 year old could easily pwn my embroidery skills).

  3. Chole Says:

    “cuffs/engageantes (difference?)”

    Engageantes is the French term for what the English would call “flounces”, the flowing lace or embroidered pieces sewn to the sleeve ends (not to be confused with the self ruffles on the ends of many shifts during the era). The pieces were removable, for easy laundering of the delicate pieces and to add variety to outfits. What you have pictured above is a flounce. Flounces could also be made from self fabric & permanently attached to the sleeve ends, as is seen in many upper class gowns in the 18th century.

    Cuffs were permanently sewn to the sleeve ends and/or continuous with the fabric of the sleeves themselves. They were also stiffer, lined & interlined as needed.

    Hope that helps.


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  5. Swillvill Says:

    Haha Myrorna är bäst XD

  6. Vivien Says: has some nice fabrics, I’ve been using cotton voile in the past… but I really want to try their harem cloth, it looks super light!!!

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