Going on…

So in case you’re wondering…
   I’ve been away from home for a week = low activity. And there might be low activity for about 2 weeks forward since I have an exam in pedagogy. I’ve also had a health issue that might have been contributed to making me tired and since I’ve been a bit tired I want to focus all my strength on studies. I have not run out of things to blog though… Here’s a to-do-list:

  • Anwser comments!
  • Put up photos of me in new wig
  • Put up photos of some lace things I’ve been trying out
  • Trow around some thoughts on cuffs

One Response to “Going on…”

  1. Lucy Says:

    You take good care of yourself, Maria. Your health comes first and of course your studies also need tending to. As for your posts, your fellow bloggers will gladly wait for them when you’re ready to post! I know I sure will;)

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