More inspirational striped pet-en-l’airs

I googled “pet-en-l’air” once again for some reason a couple of days ago and found just what I have been looking for since I started! Surviving examples of pet-en-l’airs with striped fabrics – like the fabric I’m using! They’re so darn beautiful I think I might have an episode!

So far I have been a bit cautious with a lot of my ideas for the project – looking for picture evidence or evidence in surviving pieces before I decide on what I’m going to do. One thing that had been bothering me was that I couldn’t find any evidece of pet-en-l’airs in striped fabrics. And we all know how picky they were in that time, was there a “style law” that said “no striped en-l’airs!”? I wouldn’t want to do such a great faux-pas! But here they are!!! I’m so excited! =D
   Now… I wonder if they usually had petticoats in different colored fabrics or in the same as the top… Hmm…
   The site where I found them – Hysterical Costumer – was a nice new addition to my favourites folder also, so go check it out! =)

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7 Responses to “More inspirational striped pet-en-l’airs”

  1. Swillvill Says:

    Oh yes, very beautiful indeed! 🙂

  2. Andrea Says:


  3. Vivien Says:

    Oh wow these are nice! I’ve been working on a a caraco lately, but now you’re making me want a pet-en-l’air !

  4. Lucy Says:

    These are absolutely beautiful. I think the stripes is what gives them even more character. You’re so right about their appeal. thanks.

  5. Berg Says:

    MOAR stripes yay!

  6. Jenny-Rose Says:


    Matching petticoats were very common in silks like these, it being a sign of wealth that you could afford so much of your fancy fabric, but contrasting petticoats were also used, both to easily change an outfit and save on expensive. If these had matching petticoats they were probably taken apart and used for another garment at some point (perhaps a new jacket when the old one got snug!). The 18th century was nothing if not practical. :>

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