Walking stick thoughts

Berg gave me a link to Smiling Fox Forge where they have a great looking walking stick for sale at $50:


A bit too expensive for me right now – but it’s very inspirational! “Women that belong to ‘The Sisterhood of the Silk Snobs’ love the elegant sticks to help them move gracefully while taking their morning and evening strolls.” As they say! ;D
   I’m guessing walking sticks will go for around that price though so I’m exploring the possibilities of making one. I’ve found great tutorials on making walking sticks from branches and stuff, but they’re all very rough. So I’m going to ask Robbie (my handy other half) if one can make a walking stick from a wooden round staff found in stores and just carve or lathe (?) it narrower at the bottom for the right look or if that will weaken it. Any thoughts on that?

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7 Responses to “Walking stick thoughts”

  1. Johanna Says:

    Oh that looks excellent! I’ve been looking for a walking stick forever but never found a tall tapering one. I’ve been thinking a lot about of making my own but I don’t think I could make it taper.

    I can’t find it on the website though, in what category did you find it?

    • Maria Says:

      Yeah, it’s that matter of finding a lathe to make it taper evenly, hehe… And I wouldn’t know how to use it if I found one. Thus I’m going to ask my handy man. If we find a good way of making walking sticks I/we/Robbie could make one for you if you’d like, just make it taper and you could decorate it yourself if you’d want that.

      Anywhooo, the stick at Smiling Fox I had a hard time finding too since I only got the direct link. But it’s under Clothing > Ladies > Finishing Touches at the last page. =)

  2. Lady Georgianna Says:

    Hi there,

    Due to the fabulousness of your blog, I’ve nominated it for the excesively diverting blog award! Swing by sometime and pick it up!

    Kindest regards

  3. Johanna Says:

    Thanks! And If you find a way to make tapered sticks I’d be very interested!

  4. Cornelia Says:

    I have it on good authority that pool cues are perfect for designing your own “posing staff”.

  5. 18thclady Says:

    My husband is making a ‘budget’ walking stick to wear with his new c. 1760 silk suit. We found an under-$10. maple pool cue. He cut it down a bit from the skinny end, lightly sanded it, and sprayed it with black gloss spray paint after first tapering in and sanding the very top a little. I found a brass, screw in knob in the cabinet hardware section of the home center, and that will go into the top! Voila! I’ll have photos of us in all our finery on my blog soon—we’re going to a high tea in elegant 18thc. dress this Sunday, July 15th, and he’ll have his walking stick!

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