I want your blogs!

I’ve discovered that many of my readers have blogs of their own. I had guessed that it would show by a link on the name in comments and such, but no…
   Honesly people! You have to tell me these things – if you have an 18th century related blog or site or what ever! ;D I’d love to see what you are making, what you are thinking and finding! I eat this stuff! Of course I’ll put a link up in my blogroll! =D

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14 Responses to “I want your blogs!”

  1. Keith H. Burgess Says:

    I have posted a link to your blog at my other blog, 18TH CENTURY HISTORICAL TREKKING, 1700-1760 (Australia).


    Regards, Keith.

  2. Lucy Says:

    I write about perfume and smell culture but have been diverting myself lately among you all in the prior centuries…a very diverting place to be.

  3. Pages tagged "historical trekking" Says:

    […] bookmarks tagged historical trekking I want your blogs! « Fuchsia’s 18th century dre… saved by 2 others     kewlAkane bookmarked on 03/06/09 | […]

  4. Edith Says:

    Hello! I’ve just happened upon your blog. I make 18th century dresses (which I like the most) and also venture into other eras sometimes too.


  5. Louis III Says:

    I like your site, thanks very helpful and pretty.

    Louis III

  6. Rachel Fricker Says:

    I have a blog as well. I’ll link yours to mine in my blog roll as well. I love your step by step adventures of sewing your outfit!



  7. Rachel Fricker Says:

    ahh! sorry about that, i’m not sure where my brain was that day!

    here is the think to my blog 😛

  8. tiff[any] lee Says:

    i just stumbled on your blog, looking for tips on 18th century costumes and i love your work. im not experience in it but i am starting sewing on my first costume for a halloween fashion show and i would love it if you could share any tips with me.


    • Maria Says:

      Hehe, I’m really new to this also, so I don’t know what kind of tips I could share. ^^; Almost everything I do and think about this project I blog about though – so please do follow it and comment if you have questions! =D

  9. CostumeQueen Says:

    I LOVE your blog! I added a post on my blog (http://simply-sewing.blogpsot.com) linking to your page. I hope you’ll add a link to mine? =)

  10. CostumeQueen Says:

    Oops, my blog is at http://simply-sewing.blogspot.com.

    (Not blogpsot! lol)

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