Thought I had seen it all

At some point in your research for original 18th century fashion you inevitably experience that you have seen it all and emptied the Internet’s resources for what you want. It seems I have yet to experience that day! I though I had come to that point last week, but today I was proven wrong!
   I had a look at who had been visiting my blog and found a fellow rococophile who has just recently started her own blog. She stumbled upon Centre de Documentacío i Museu Tèxtil (or Textile Museum and Documentation Centre in Terrassa) with a vast gallery of original costumes from the 18th century. Go here, to the “IMATEX service” to see the archives with all those fabulous costumes! Here’s a taste:



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2 Responses to “Thought I had seen it all”

  1. Berg Says:

    Yeah, I also went like: “Whoooaaa!!” when I saw it.
    Just goes to show that staying up way too late at night, reading very old entries on LJ simply HAS to pay off sooner or later!

  2. Vivien Says:

    Wow there’s so much! I’m so bookmarking this!!! thank you!!

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