An urge for courtesy…

I want to ask all my Swedish readers to try and write future comments and answers in English so that all my readers can see what you have said. =) I feel it’s just common courtesy and netiquette. My blog is in English and I have intended that as many as possible who has an interest in the subject I’m writing on should be able to read it – that includes all your very interesting and valuable comments. =) (And I chose English because it is a big language on the Internet and it is my strongest language after Swedish ;P)
   I have become aware of this “problem” over time and I know that I have written comments in Swedish on blogs in English written by Swedish speakers – but I’m changing that now myself, hehe ^^;
   Language, and especially the Swedish language, is a very dear subject to me. Some of the Swedish language enthusiasts fear that English is taking over too many domains in Sweden and that Swedish eventually will die out. My decision to ask everyone to write in English on my blog probably horrifies people with that opinion, but personally I think that Swedish is a very strong language for Swedes and I have no fear that our beautiful language will die out if we do this. ;P English is the language of the Internet in the west and that’s just the way it is – the Internet is a global network – not a Swedish one. As long as English doesn’t take over all domains in education and such here in Sweden – Swedish is safe.
   Yeah… You propably don’t have these discussions of domain loss and stuff in English speaking countries, so I’ll just stop here. XD
    My intentions are just sprung from a thought of courtesy and understanding across borders and languages, please don’t take it as an “arg lapp” (angry note), hehe ;D

Puss och kram! (Kiss and hug!)


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