There all along…

A few weeks ago I felt I had to go through my wooden boxes filled with fabrics (to be used in various projects when I get the time and the inspiration ^^; ).  And there I found a fabric I had forgotten I even had! XD It’s a green shiny fabric with a leaf pattern.
   The problem is that I have no idea what it’s made of and I have no knowledge of how to see or feel if a fabric is natural or synthetic or silk or whatever. So now I need your help again dear readers! ^-^
   Here’s a pic:


So whaddaya think? I think it looks great and very natural when I hold it up and see it from afar, but it looks a bit synthetic close up. =/
   The thing is that it matches the second fabric I baught absolutely PERFECTLY, and I reeeeally want to use it for a petticoat to match that:



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9 Responses to “There all along…”

  1. katafalk Says:

    du kan alltid prova att göra ett brännprov för att få lite mer säkerhet i materialet men snyggt var det 🙂

  2. Angela Says:

    The two together look really fabulous. If you are trying to historical reproduction you may want to test it for synthetic fibers by a burn test – synthetic fibers melt. Usually historical reproductionist want it absolutely period right down to the sewing. If you are doing historical interpretation, GO FOR IT! It is a beautiful combination. Your fellow 18th century enthusiast. A

    ps have you ever been to these two websites? and
    there is inspiration when you want. Enjoy

    • Maria Says:

      Thank you! katafalk told me about the burn test in Swedish. I never thought of that! XD I’m very glad for your tip though! =)

      And I have been to those sites actually, I thought about putting links up in my blogroll, but I guess I forgot, hehe ^^; Now that you reminded me of their existance I will though! =D

      Thanks again! =*

  3. Maria Says:

    Ooooh, tack så mycket! Man lär sig något varje dag! =D

  4. Sara Says:

    Did you do the burn test yet? Feeling the fabric should help, also. It’s probably a cotton blend if it’s a home decor-type fabric. Silk usually feels warm to the touch vs/ rayon ( the closest thing to silk) which often feels cooler. Natural fibers tend to “puddle” and drape better, also. I usually use all of those methods to test fabrics.

  5. Burn test with satisfying results! « Fuchsia’s 18th century dress Says:

    […] test with satisfying results! By Maria I got very good tips concerning the riddle of the material in the green piece of fabic! Of course I could do a burn test – even an unexperienced wannabe silk snob like me knows that […]

  6. Vanityfairy Says:

    I think it’s synthetic, unfortunatly…
    I have the same fabric in purple, and really like it, so if you really like yours and if you’re not picky about accuracy, I’d say stuff accuracy and use it anyway.

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