Maple leaf rose

I’ve been pondering wheter or not to use modern fake flowers or not for decoration of hair and hat. The flowers I put on the hat has a plastic base and the fabric in the flowers is probably synthetic too, they look nice – but not very natural, hehe ^^;
   Today I got myself StumbleUpon and after just two clicks I found something useful! It hit me that I could use what I found as a very natural way of having something more natural as decoration for my little project (real flowers doesn’t look good a whole day and are expensive during winter time, hehe ;P). Have a look at this tutorial on how to make roses from maple leaves!

Maple leaf roses

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2 Responses to “Maple leaf rose”

  1. katafalk Says:

    Martha Stewart have got an amazing tutorial on how to make flowers out of coffee filters, they do look awesome. I tried it out myself and it was really easy (I only had brown filters at home so I didn’t try and paint it) I’m thinking of making the flowers on my robe a la francaise that way. (the only problem is that I need 200 flowers ^^ so I have some roses to make)

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