Cheap way to 18th century-looking shoes! ;D

I LOVE ETSY! Or rather – I love the wonderful artists and craftsmen and -women putting their amazing stuff up there! ^^
   Yesterday I came upon mariapozodesign while browsing corsets. She has some wonderful corsets, but it seems she’s specialized in making spats. I instantly fell in love with her spats, they’re all wonderfully crafted with a delightful imaginaion and the right twinkle in the eye. The spats she make are mosly of a 19th-20th century look, but the ones I fell for was, of course, the spats made to make “ordinary” shoes look more 18th century:


Now I knoooooow it’s not a 18th century-right solution, but you’ve gotta addmit it’s darn cute. I might make something like them just for fun! =D

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2 Responses to “Cheap way to 18th century-looking shoes! ;D”

  1. Cheryl Marie Cordeiro Says:

    I love your blog! Interesting reads and beautiful pictures!

    The 1700s hairdo looked very nice!


  2. Johanna Says:

    Hi! I’m your fan, and I have too found her site and thought about how 18th century/lolita spats would be a “cheaper” method to shoes. Great minds think alike! I’ll be publishing my own rococo-site soon. I have lots of pics and info on 18th century in Finland especially.

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