Stays all put together

I’ve had photos on my camera for a while now that I haven’t uploaded to the computer, until now! So here’s an update on how the stays are coming along.
   I’ve put together all the pieces of the stays and all the tunnels are done (not in the pic below though). I’ve put in some boning just to see how it looks in this picture, that’s why it looks a bit… funky, hehe.

Stays together

I cheateded in one place though… ^^; I wanted to be sure that the edges wouldn’t fringe and I just didn’t feel it was safe enough to cast the edges more thoroughly (and I was lazy XD). So I used a machine to zig-zag the edges… SORREEE! <(


Anyways – I’ve started with the bias tape around the bottom edges, but I haven’t come that far yet, hehe ^^; There’s just been a lot going on in my life.
   I did a straight forward up and down seem, why waste time on a back stitch when that works perfecly fine!? It’s not going to show anyway, so…


Oh! Here’s a pic of the leather on the edges in the back:


Uhm yeah, think that’s all I have on the stays for now, hehe ^^ My fingers are itching to get it done though, there’s really not that much left! =D
Over and out!

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One Response to “Stays all put together”

  1. Swillvill Says:

    Wow you’re really good at this! O_o

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