Miss J – Badin reborn?

Okay, this is not really concerning the dress (which has been on ice for a while for different reasons). But it is concerning the 18th century and I just had to write about it!
   I’ve been following Swillvill’s 18th Century and yesterday he wrote about a man called Adolf Ludvig Badin, a servant of the Swedish Queen Lovisa Ulrika (qeen between 1751-1771 ). When I first saw the picture of him I lol’d so bad!!! He looks JUST like Miss J. Alexander from Top Model! It’s kinda creepy really! XD

Badin vs. Miss J

Read more about Badin @ Swillvill’s 18th Century or a more detailed article in Swedish @ Historiesajten.


2 Responses to “Miss J – Badin reborn?”

  1. Swillvill Says:

    Haha XD
    It’s really awesome.
    Thanks btw for visiting my blog!
    Yours is really great. ^^

  2. Heather Says:

    Do you know I actually had that in the back of my mind too. You are absolutely right! That must have been where Miss J got his mischievousness from!

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