Hairpiece base for do?

One cold night long time ago… Well a couple of weeks anyway… I tried out some ideas for a 1700’s hair-do if I wouldn’t find a nice wig. After seeing all these good tutorials on making 18th century hair-do’s I figured I might be able to use that pony tail piece  I have as a base to build on. I didn’t really try very hard and I didn’t wat to put in any products at that time in case it would ruin the pony tail piece – so the bangs are totally outta control and stuff. But it made me confident that I can make something very nice with my hair later on! ^^ I don’t think I’ll be able to to a real pompadour-high thing though, hehe ^^;
   I tied together the tail with a bow from a piece of the same pink ribbon from the hat, put in some bobby-pins with black roses, et voilá:

hair?Feautured in this pic is also the jewellry I made.

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One Response to “Hairpiece base for do?”

  1. Camilla Says:

    Wow… absolutly wonderful.. 😀

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