Eyelets with awl – genious!

Since I started making my stays I have been pondering what the best technique for making the eyelets would be. I have never done eyelets without those metal thingies. Now, I know not to stance holes in the fabric but rather pull apart the threads to make a hole in the weave. But then what? Wouldn’t it be hard to make the hole evenly round?
   A couple of days ago I found the Diary of a Mantua Maker! Here Nicole Rudolph, author of the blog, mentions that the best tool to have around when making eyelets is an awl! Why didn’t I think of that – that’s brilliant! She says:

An awl just pushes the threads out of the way and prevents it from fraying later. By doing this you can use as many stitches as you like.  I’ve seen extants with only four stitches holding an eyelet open.  I prefer enough to cover the inner edge.

As my other half Robbie is a very handy man I know there ought to be an awl lying around somewhere! ;D

An awl 

An awl

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2 Responses to “Eyelets with awl – genious!”

  1. adamnorman Says:

    Jag tycker att en syl ger lite litet hål, som lätt drar ihop sig innan man hunnit sy runt det. Men det beror ju förstås på tyget också…
    En vanligt strumpsticka funkar för mig. Tidigare hade jag en nålbindningsnål i trä som var perfekt för ändamålet, men jag gav bort den till bättre behövande 😦
    Ha så trevligt med snörningshåls-tillverkandet, det är segt att göra, men ack så snygg det blir 🙂

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