Status report

Some of you might think: “All she does is blog, doesn’t she ever work on the clothes???”
   FYI – I have actually come a long way with the stays since the last time I wrote about them! I just haven’t uploaded any photos of my progression from my camera to the computer yet. ^^; All the parts (except shoulder straps) have been sewn together, 95% of the channels are done and I’m currently working on strengthening the place for the lacing in the back with leather(!). I’ll upload some shots… later… 😛
   Anywhooooos, I have this philosophy on making the stays – I want to make them look good, not good as in decorative really, but I want it to show that I have put down a lot of work in them! So I’ve decorated small areas where there won’t be any boning with some stitches (as I’ve seen on period stays). I’m also planning some other stuff that will be both decorative and practical – like putting pieces of leather under the arms for comfort; I’ve found beautiful examples of this, like:

Stays from the collection of Victoria and Albert Museum

Stays. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

And talking about decorative stays, have yo seen these from McCord Museum? Well have you had a closer look at them? Just follow the link and zoom in! Can you see the curved channels for the boning? Or is it for the boning? Can you do that with bone? In any case a very beautiful example!

Stay tuned for photos of the progress of my own stays!


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4 Responses to “Status report”

  1. Elisabeth Says:

    Boning and cording could be very decorative… I think the curved channels from the Mc Cord are cording…

  2. Berg Says:

    Jag vet att valben kunde värmas och formas… Men det verkar konstigt, och inte särskilt funktionellt, att forma dem så! Så jag tror också att det bara är dekorativt.

    Mest ville jag dock skriva och tacka för länken till Mc Cord-museet – jag hade aldrig sett de dräkterna förut. Tack!

    • Maria Says:

      Nej, det kan ju inte ha givit samma stöd som raka och det känns som att de skulle ha lättare att gå av… =/ Fast vad vet jag, hehe…

      Men det var så lite så, hehe. ^^

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