Hat faux pas by me!

A friendly reader, Élisabeth of Au Temple des Modes, just informed me of something very interesting by commenting the tricorne hat I made:

I’m sorry to disturb your ceration, but women never-never wore a tricorn, execpt with a riding/hunting suit or the women who lived in Venice… ;-)

I never knew this – I’ve just seen smaller tricorne hats on women in movies and such and assumed they were worn here and there all over Europe and to very different outfits. =/
   Oh well, guess I’ll have to wear it with a riding suit or just pretend I’m in Venice then! 😉

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2 Responses to “Hat faux pas by me!”

  1. Elisabeth Says:

    You’re welcome!
    We learn everydays!

    But I’m horrify but my spelling! I certainly should have a preview before posting!^^

    • Maria Says:

      Indeed, and I love learning new things! =D

      Hehe, my spelling isn’t too good all the time either, no shame in that since English isn’t our mother tounge. ^-^

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