Promised pics!

So I promised pictures of my latest finds and here they come!

Here’s a collective photo of all that day’s finds

Everythings lying on the wonderful fabric. I love the locket! I kinda wear it every day on my purse right now, hehe. ❤
   What made me buy the white lace was mostly the quantity cuz it’s a lot – but I also liked the “hardness” of it, let me explain why. I know this is more of a sheat lace and lace for the manchette at the elbows and such were more soft and elaborate, but I have in mind to pleat this and maybe draw the peach lace over it (like in the pic) to kinda mimic the pleated decorations of the 18th century dresses like this:

Dress, ca. 1760 detail

I have no idea if they ever pleated lace like that in the 18th century (I have seen no evidence of it actually =/), but someone somewhere might have – correct me if I’m wrong… ;D
   I don’t know if the peach lace thingy is very “in period” either, but I like they way it looks with my new fabric and it came in a big endless ball so I had to buy it! ;P To my happiness the color also matched perfectly with a piece of ribbon I had at home so I think I’m gonna use that for the locket brooch! ;D

Here’s two better views of the fabric:


And a comparance between the “old” and the “new” fabric:


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5 Responses to “Promised pics!”

  1. Peach fringe-lace-thingy in-period indeed « Fuchsia’s 18th century dress Says:

    […] Los Angeles County Museum of Art with a “fringe-lace-thing” much like that peach one I baught second hand – only LACMA calls it “woven-braid trim”, hehe ^^; (So I guess that’s the right […]

  2. Snuff box vs. locket « Fuchsia’s 18th century dress Says:

    […] box vs. locket By Maria At the moment I bought the locket I was little concerned about how autenthic it would look, but the past couple of months I’ve […]

  3. Rachel Fricker Says:

    I really like the fabric that you bought – the second one look much mroe authentic!

    Send me an e-mail or visit my site and send me a note if you have any questions, I would be happy to help with anything you need 🙂

  4. Peyton Says:

    I love your blog! It has inspired me to begin making my own eighteenth century dress. I don’t like using patterns, but I am at a loss on what to do. So, your blog has pointed me in the right direction. Also, I adore both fabrics, but I like he second one even more!

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