Talking about the 18th century…
   For christmas I got this book about Madame de Pompadour! It’s written by a Swedish journalist and historian called Herman Lindqvist, famous for writing about history in a style that apeals to the big masses. It’s great! ^^
   I love that scene in Doctor Who when the Doctor visits the Madame! ;D


The under title says: Intelligence, Beauty, Power…

3 Responses to “Parenthesis”

  1. Swillvill Says:

    I assume you’re Swedish? I got that book for Christmas! 🙂 It’s fun reading indeed.

    I wanted to thank you for correcting my “corset” error. I had actually no idea it was called “stays”! I have this book you see about 18th century fashion, which I’ve read from cover to cover I don’t know how many times, and they don’t mention “stays” at all. >___o
    I’m so glad you corrected me. Tack!


    • Maria Says:

      Hehe, indeed I am! I’m FuchsiaG from deviantART, found your blog there! ;D
      If that book you read was Swedish the term “stays” wouldn’t come up, I think it’s just called “korsett” in Swedish…

  2. Stuck in book « Fuchsia’s 18th century dress Says:

    […] sewing much. But I have my reasons! And these past few days I’ve been reading that book about Madame de Pompadour. It’s really interesting, since it not only is about the lovely creature herself – it […]

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