Ooops, I did it again!

Got some money for christmas too so I went on a shopping spree… I usually buy loads of uneccessary stuff, clothes and jewellry I crave but never use, but today I only baught two pairs of earrings – and a bunch of stuff for my little project! ;P
   I had checked out a very nice locket in an accessoirs shop (where most of the stuff is fake, but the locket looked really good!). It’s like 2″ in diameter and I had in mind to use it hanging from a bow on the chest. At the time I first saw it I couldn’t afford it so I hoped and hoped it’d still be there when I got money – and today I got it! YAAAY! (Photo coming)
   One thing that has been bothering me since I started this project is the size of the fabric for the pet-en-l’air. Is it too little, will it be too short to look good? So I went to the second hand store where I baught it to see if they maybe had some more (you never know!). I went through the fabrics hung on hangers in a row and just at the end of the line I found this fabulous thick bundle of fabric similar to what I had at home! It’s far from exactly the same, it’s paler and has broader lines – but it’s absolutely gorgeous! And it’s a lot more than what I had already – it might be enough for a whole robe! I don’t think I’ll combine the two fabrics – rather make another robe from the new fabric. ;D
   When I was on a roll I had a look at the laces and stuff too, they never have pices long enough – but today they did! Yaay again! I found several meters of a creamish colored lace and a ball of like millions of meters of a peach colored fringy-lacy-thing – I don’t know what it’s called but there will be pictures! ;D

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2 Responses to “Ooops, I did it again!”

  1. Adam Says:

    Lucky bastard som hittar så mycket bra saker direkt ;P
    Men vi vill ha bilder också!

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