Beginning of stays

So I’ve alreday begun making the stays for the outfit.

For the pattern I used an old altered pattern of an elizabethan corset (based on the pattern from Elizabethan Costume Page) that I yet another time altered (while having a look at authentic period patterns in Corsets and crinolines) to fit my vision and period likeness.

First attempt altering the pattern

So this is the first attempt on making the pattern based on the altered elizabethan corset pattern. Need alotta te for that! ;D

Finished pattern!

And this is the finished pattern! Kinda, I think… XD Note that I will round the endings of the tabs later in the process.

Fabric for stays

The fabric I’m using is actually not linen (that most of you might use). The thing is that I had a bit of cotton canvas-ish fabric lying around that I didn’t know what to do with – so that’s what I used!

Side finished

And here’s one side panel all finished and hand sewn! XD When I started to make the stays I had no intentionof doing so much by hand – I’ve always been more drawn to the easy way, hehe ^^;. But in some strange way my mind just turned when my boyfriend asked me if I was going to do it all by hand. I thought “Why not? Let’s see how long before I get tired of it!” ;P I must say that I’m not tired of it yet (with both side panels done)! It’s perfect for watching tv! ;D

All hand sewn

And yes – it is all hand sewn and I used back stitch. ;D

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5 Responses to “Beginning of stays”

  1. Berg Says:

    Ouch! Vad duktig du är! Jag sydde precis min första korsett och definitivt inte för hand, och ändå var jag så trött på eländet att jag ville spy! Jag ska följa din trevliga blogg eftersom jag själv håller på med 1700-talsdräkt (men jag syr bara för hand där det kommer att synas… Latmask is my middle name).

  2. Leia Says:

    I can’t believe how neat your handstitching is!

    I can’t hand sew for nuts, I just cheat and machine sew it all *ducks the inevitable hurled objects*. Well done to you!

  3. Rachel Fricker Says:

    WOW, I love it! They are going to look amazing. How far along are they now?

    I make 18th century clothing but since watching the tudors (I know they had a bunch of horrible, incorrect clothing) I wanted to try my hand out at making a set of 17th century stays/corset.

    Do you have any tips? I was going to start with the Elizabethian clothing page corest generator – is it not the best?

    Thanks so much


  4. lee Says:

    it would help if you showd the master plan of how to actually construct the style of the pattern.

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